Zachary Whetsel

Systems Analyst

Zachary Whetsel, a Service Desk Analyst at eKeeper, joined the team shortly after completing his Bachelor’s degree from Ball State University in May 2023. Before joining eKeeper, he obtained his Comptia A+ certification and had experience working as an Automotive Technology Technician at Best Buy.

Zachary’s motivation to join eKeeper stems from a genuine enjoyment of helping clients not only solve problems but also gain a better understanding of how to avoid future issues. His rewarding client interactions often involve empowering clients with a deeper understanding of the technology they use.

Outside of work, Zachary’s diverse interests include playing golf, watching football and basketball, weight training, playing video games, and cooking. Working from home has enabled him to invest more time in weight training during lunch breaks and pursue evening activities like gardening or honing his golf skills.

Zachary’s current career goals involve boosting his networking skills and exploring future ventures in cloud technology. While not enthusiastic about security, he remains dedicated to upholding its principles. The flexibility of the IT industry, allowing him to apply expertise to diverse professions, is what appeals to him the most. Looking forward, he envisions combining his IT skills with his partner’s medical knowledge to establish a joint practice, showcasing the field’s diverse possibilities.

Zach was awesome! He was so efficient and communicative. He went above and beyond to make sure my new computer was switched over and that I wouldn’t have any trouble. He deserves a muffin basket!