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dustinDustin is Founder and President of eKeeper Systems. He provides innovation and large scale technical design to our our clients and Systems Analysts. Dustin brings over 20 years of experience and is simply a powerhouse in this industry.

  • Name & Title: Dustin R. Humm, President
  • What was your first job?: Bus boy at Bruner’s Restaurant
  • What is your earliest computer or internet memory?: Packard Bell i386 with 14.4K modem (circa 1992)
  • What’s the homepage to your browser set to?: Google
  • # of computers in your house: 4 PCs, 1 server
  • What’s your favorite movie?: Matrix, Incredibles, Sneakers
  • Pets?: Einstein
  • Play any instruments?: Drums, French Horn, Bass
  • Childhood hero: Neil Peart
  • Favorite food: Beer (with a side of wings)
  • What is your dream Jeopardy category? Quantum Theory of Solids
  • What would we find you doing on your day off?: Fishing
  • What’s the longest you’ve gone sitting at a computer in one stretch? 27 hours (recovering a whole corporate system sucks)
  • Something most people don’t know about you?: Fished a Pro tournament as an amateur, met Roland Martin, Shaw Grigsby & Kevin Van Dam
  • Any volunteer or community activities you’re crazy about? Secret Families, Muncie Mission

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