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Drew Pickett is a Systems Analyst at eKeeper Systems.

  • Length of time at eKeeper: since January 2021
  • What was your first job? Food Service Student Worker at Ball State
  • What is your earliest computer or internet memory? Playing Starcraft with my parents as a child.
  • What’s the homepage to your browser set to? New tab
  • # of computers in your house: 2
  • What’s your favorite movie? So many to choose, Iron Man is great
  • Pets: Chocolate Lab (Benjen), Long Haired Cat (Ross)
  • Play any instruments? Desk drums
  • Childhood hero: Bill Nye & Adam Savage
  • Favorite food: Sushi
  • What is your dream Jeopardy category? Random Video Game Facts
  • Would you rather lose everything on your HDD or everything in your wallet, car and desk? Most of my stuff is backed up or cloud saved so the HDD
  • What would we find you doing on your day off? Spending time with my wife or playing games
  • What’s the longest you’ve gone sitting at a computer in one stretch? 10+ hours
  • Name something on your bucket list: Visit at least 3 other countries
  • Something most people don’t know about you? I’ve always wanted to try skydiving


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