eKeeper has a long and proud tradition of supporting the community through a variety of philanthropic programs.

Community is at the heart of everything we do. The mission of our “Community: First” corporate philanthropy program, is to offer support to the communities where all of our employees live and work; where all of our clients live and work – Community: First!

eKeeper employees make a difference through their commitment to volunteerism. Whether during the workday or on their own time, our employees are living in our community, putting the needs of those communities first.

Our goal is to impact and enhance the lives of those around us in our community. We believe that giving for the greater good is a way to ensure the prosperity and continued success of all those around us. We believe that putting the needs of others first is mandatory and demonstrates the leadership, our responsibility, to effectuate change for the betterment of our community.

Are you seeking a sponsor for your event/organization?
eKeeper is proud to support many local organizations. We plan our sponsorships annually in advance. Please complete this form so we can consider your sponsorship.

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Is your non-profit organization in need of technology or equipment?
From time to time, eKeeper offers grants to qualifying organizations with a legitimate need. Please complete this grant application so we can consider your grant request.

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