Mohammad Ikram

Senior Systems Analyst

Mohammad Ikram, a Senior Systems Analyst at eKeeper, brings a diverse background from working with businesses of all sizes in North America, starting his IT journey in California with cutting-edge MSPs. Joining eKeeper, he is eager to contribute his experiences to the company’s mission.

Outside of work, Mohammad channels his passion into his professional life and personal development. His eagerness extends beyond the confines of his workspace, driving him to explore diverse cultures and traditions and indulge in tasty food while traversing the globe and meeting intriguing people.

As an enthusiastic IT professional, Mohammad’s all about bringing you the latest tech solutions and riding the waves of the ever-changing IT scene.

Motivated by the world of technology, Mohammad focuses on delivering high-quality solutions that align with client missions. His dedication to problem-solving and client service significantly enhances eKeeper’s dynamic IT environment.