Lee Small

Helpdesk Manager

Meet Lee Small, the Helpdesk Manager at eKeeper, whose journey in IT is a testament to self-taught expertise and a passion for client satisfaction. With a background as a help desk technician, Lee brings a wealth of experience and a commitment to continuous learning.

The decision to join eKeeper was fueled by Lee’s desire for broader exposure and experience with a larger customer base, a move underscored by a rewarding client interaction. Beyond the IT realm, Lee has personal aspirations, including learning Pickleball and envisioning retirement moments of porch relaxation while watching the sunrise.

In the realm of IT, Lee is driven by a goal to maximize potential, ensuring each client interaction results in satisfaction. Feedback is highly valued, and Lee approaches challenges with a resolution-oriented mindset, guided by core values that prioritize client service.

Amidst the dynamic IT landscape, Lee finds particular allure in the security trend, confronting daily challenges of hacking and phishing with unwavering vigilance. Lee Small’s bio encapsulates a journey marked by dedication to excellence, a commitment to continuous improvement, and a client-centric approach at eKeeper.

Lee got those emails situated pronto! He’s a king Help Desk Manager and Systems Analyst. Thanks for allowing us to share our awesome experiences with eKeeper!