Jack Dickey

Systems Analyst

Jack Dickey’s IT journey is a testament to his unwavering passion and commitment. He first dipped his toes into the tech world as the family’s go-to IT liaison at their machine shop, addressing a wide array of tech-related issues. Eager to immerse himself fully in the world of technology, Jack embarked on a journey that included attending a Microsoft boot camp and successfully earning multiple Microsoft certifications. His extensive professional background led him to Eli Lilly and Hewlett-Packard, where he honed his skills over several years, ultimately landing him a pivotal role at eKeeper in 2014.

At eKeeper, Jack encountered a whirlwind of diverse network environments, swiftly realizing the breadth of his learning curve. What resonates most with him is the collective sense of urgency among the team to promptly resolve client issues, allowing them to get back to work seamlessly. Beyond his IT expertise, Jack is a passionate collector of vinyl records and a connoisseur of craft beer. His leisure time is marked by quality moments spent with family and friends and an ardent love for live concerts.

Jack’s primary focus in IT centers on continuous learning and expanding his knowledge base. His quiet demeanor is complemented by his profound dedication to personal and collective growth, which is perpetually fueled by his talented and inspiring team. Jack is particularly excited about the rapid advancements in technology, especially the rise of artificial intelligence, and eagerly awaits its impact on the IT landscape. While he may not single out a specific standout achievement, being part of a reputable company with esteemed clients remains a career highlight that motivates him in his ever-evolving professional journey.

Jack is always so easy to work with as well as so kind about my complete and total lack of tech knowledge. It is so appreciated.