Drew Pickett

Systems Analyst

Meet Drew Pickett, our Lead Systems Analyst. Drew’s journey in the IT field began with a role at a call center, where he laid the foundation for his career by earning the CompTIA A+ certification. Following this, he spent several years at a school district, expanding his knowledge base with certifications in Net+ and Sec+, before eventually finding his place at eKeeper Systems.

Drew’s decision to join eKeeper was driven by a desire to take the next step in his career and embrace a broader spectrum of technology. His work as a Systems Analyst is deeply satisfying, as he finds joy in helping clients navigate day-to-day issues and delighting in their happiness at receiving quick and efficient responses. He takes pride in finding creative solutions to client requests, a skill that often earns praise for the speed and effectiveness of issue resolution.

Outside of work, Drew immerses himself in various pursuits, including reading, playing video and board games, indulging in artistic activities like drawing, and maintaining a consistent workout routine. While he’s still exploring his ultimate career goal, his focus remains on developing networking and security skills and continuously pursuing IT certifications to enhance his knowledge.

Drew’s approach to client interactions is grounded in empathy and clarity. He thinks from the client’s perspective, striving to address their issues with simplicity and effectiveness. His troubleshooting methodology begins with simple fixes and progresses to complex and creative solutions as needed, all while making an effort to explain the process in easily digestible terms. Drew firmly believes in the constant evolution of knowledge and relishes the opportunity to explore the vast world of technology. He maintains a keen interest in cybersecurity, aiming to deepen his expertise and apply it effectively in his career.

Drew was so helpful!!! He fixed my jabber issues and added some shortcuts/icon for me !! I really appreciate all he did for me and was so kind too!