Daniel May

Systems Analyst II

Meet Daniel May, a Systems Analyst II at eKeeper. He previously worked as an IT contractor for the Department of Corrections, handling diverse projects in network, server, security, and surveillance systems. Since joining eKeeper, he has expanded his expertise into areas like enterprise cloud solutions and disaster recovery planning.

Choosing eKeeper to escape the corporate environment, Daniel finds joy in both helping people and working with technology. Outside of work, he’s a husband and father, enjoying family activities like Little League games and hikes. Daniel’s career goals involve continuous learning, and he approaches client service with a passion for technology, making engagements effortless.

A tech enthusiast at heart, Daniel loves the variance in IT work from day to day. Whether dealing with routine tasks or unexpected challenges like mitigating the effects of a burst pipe on server racks, the dynamic nature of IT keeps his work engaging and exciting.

Daniel went above and beyond for our Communico project. We so appreciate him stepping in to help, and know he kept this project rolling.