Bleigh Minton

Systems Analyst

As a Systems Analyst at eKeeper, Bleigh Minton combines a Computer Technology degree from BSU with a seven-month internship at BSU UTS. He joined eKeeper to apply learned skills in a professional environment, which led to rewarding client interactions.

Beyond the world of IT, Beligh’s diverse interests include fishing, watching cartoons/anime, and playing basketball and golf. Through his IT career, Beligh strives for continuous learning and certifications, driven by a commitment to client service and effective problem-solving. His enthusiasm for hardware and hands-on work reflects a passion for the evolving aspects of the IT industry.

As the IT landscape advances, Bleigh remains captivated by hardware integration and embraces ongoing trends. At eKeeper, Bleigh’s journey is not just a story of expertise, but also one of passion, continuous learning, and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.

Bleigh went above and beyond on this issue. We are very pleased with what he was able to do to get everything working. Yeah Peaches!