April Lemen

Office Manager

April Lemen, a tech enthusiast with a passion for problem-solving, has excelled as an office manager and software support consultant. Her career centers on helping others navigate the complexities of technology, turning frustration into smiles by providing solutions or guiding them to the right resources.

Beyond her tech-savvy roles, April is a multifaceted individual who finds solace in literature and creates art, especially stone statuary. She’s an enthusiastic Colts Football fan, relishing bonfire nights, and dreams of exploring Italy and Egypt due to her deep fascination with history and ancient civilizations.

As an office manager, April acts as a bridge between external clients and her Systems Analyst team, offering unwavering support and a listening ear. She’s captivated by the world of cybersecurity, from ethical hacking to bolstering digital security. Her love for well-organized spreadsheets underscores her meticulous problem-solving approach.

April Lemen’s dedication to technology, problem-solving, creativity, and empathy make her a valuable asset in her ever-evolving professional journey, ensuring clients and colleagues alike benefit from her expertise and enthusiasm.