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logo-tonereKeeper Toner Supply and Recycling program provides premium inkjet and toner cartridges to our clients.

Our high-quality remanufactured ink cartridges are 30-70% less than what printer manufacturers charge.

From the largest corporate account to the smallest home office, guaranteed remarkable service at a fair price is our promise to you.

Not only are you helping us to be good global citizens by supplying us with quality recycled cartridges, you do it at a better price than we were paying before. Thanks for all you and your responsive professional staff do for us.
—Ruth Kiger, Sherry Laboratories

5 Real Good Reasons to Switch

Save Time and Money
Our high-quality ink cartridges are 30-70% less than retail and placing an order is a snap.
Make a Difference by Recycling
Help build a cleaner community and further the effective use of our natural resources.
Buy Local
We are a Locally Owned and Operated Family Business that puts Community First!
Quality You Can Trust
All of our suppliers are ISO9001 Certified and are recognized industry leaders.
There is absolutely no risk to you.
We guarantee everything we sell – 100%. We will gladly refund your money if you are unsatisfied in any way, for any reason.


What are compatible cartridges?

Compatible cartridges are non-OEM, new cartridges that are not recycled. Compatible cartridges are manufactured by a third party factory to the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specifications. Each printer cartridge is carefully researched, manufactured and tested.

What are recycled cartridges?

Recycled cartridges are OEM or Compatible cartridges that have been refilled or remanufactured. An empty cartridge (or core) can be refilled as many as 7 to 10 times and still maintain the original quality standards. We use the same technology and same quality ink in every cartridge we refill. After refilling, we carefully inspect and test each cartridge to ensure maximum performance.

How much money will I save by buying a compatible cartridge?

Typically, purchasing a compatible or recycled cartridge saves you about 40-60% over the cost of a new OEM cartridge. This usually amounts to $10-$30 every time you use our product.

Do you guarantee your product?

We guarantee everything we sell – 100%. We will gladly refund your money if you are unsatisfied in any way, for any reason. There is absolutely no risk to you.

Will I get the same quality printing with a compatible/recycled cartridge?

We guarantee you will get the same quality printing. Many of our best customers are graphic designers and photographers who demand the highest quality printing and the strictest color matching.

Will using a compatible cartridge void my warranty?

Some Original Equipment Manufacturers may try to tell you this. Their charges for printer consumables are so high it is in their interests to encourage you to purchase new cartridges every time your cartridge runs out. Generally they make more profit on the sale of their cartridges than they do on the actual printer.

The NZ Commerce Act of 1986 and the Fair Trading Act 1986 actually state that it is illegal for a manufacturer to require the consumer to use a particular brand of supply. The warranty can only be voided if the cartridge is the cause of the fault. If, in the unlikely event, this situation should occur, our own guarantee covers you – OUR customer.

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