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Filter anything that may be dangerous or unwanted!

eKeeper Spam Filtering Service is a comprehensive system designed to filter unsolicited and unwanted commercial email. Our spam filtering technology is proven to dramatically decrease the amount of unwanted bulk email in your user mailboxes. Based on a 6-tier approach and years of heuristic intelligence, eKeeper Spam Email Filtering can reduce your unwanted communications by over 95%.

eKeeper SPAM can be customized to meet your company’s individual needs.  The level of email filtering can be left as open as your company needs, allowing communications that you need to go through, to go through.  eKeeper can also lock the system down as needed; preventing most questionable email traffic from ever reaching your organization at all. We can continually fine tune the system so that you can block exactly what you want to block and nothing else.  eKeeper SPAM is a very flexible system designed with you in mind – Get rid of what is not needed and seamlessly provide the protection that you need.

Our firm has used eKeeper Spam Email Filtering for several years. From the time we started the service, I never worried about whether our spam solution was working or not, it just worked. We receive very few, if any, unwanted emails each month. We also are very happy with how easy it is for our users to whitelist and blacklist email addresses. eKeeper Systems’ help desk is always easily accessible if there is ever a question about the Spam Email Filtering service or any email coming through the system.
—Patrick W. Burkey, CPA, Estep Burkey Simmons, LLC

If you are interested in learning more about eKeeper Spam Filtering Service, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss how our system can help protect you from the perils of unsolicited commercial email.

SPAM Filtering Features

Best-of-Breed Filtering Solution
Flexible Blacklisting Capabilities
Flexible Routing & Removal Options
Robust Anti-Virus Pre-Screening
Monthly Summary Reports
Our system will hold your mail during any mail server outage you may have

Multi-Tiered Filtering Technology

SPAM Source List
 – Continually Updated
 – Broad Coverage
Header Analysis
Body/ Text Analysis
SMTP Protocol Enforcement
 – RFC 821
 – RFC 2821

 – RFC 2822
 – RFC 2920
 – RFC 3030


Do I have to run software on my systems or buy an appliance?

No – Our system is based on a cluster of highly available mail servers located in our network operations center.  These servers act as remote gateways to your mail services and thus provide an additional layer of protection for your systems.

Will your system queue my mail?

Yes – if you are unable to receive mail for any reason, our mail servers will queue your incoming mail until you are able to receive mail again.

Can I create custom block and allow lists?

Absolutely! The most important aspect of eKeeper SPAM is its flexibility in handling incoming mail filtering in a way that best meets your needs.