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Introducing: The eKeeper Systems Unparalleled Excellence Scholarship Fund

This scholarship fund was conceived from the basic notion that great communities are built upon great people. Great people have balanced characteristics that demonstrate a core value of leadership in every aspect of life: education, arts, health (athletics) & community. This is what creates unparalleled excellence. eKeeper strives to provide unparalleled excellence in everything we do; Best people, best skills and the highest regard/concern for the communities where we live and work.

The facts:

  1. Initial fund investment: $25,000 
  2. 1st year active: 2019
  3. Name: eKeeper Systems Unparalleled Excellence Scholarship Fund
  4. Purpose: Provide a scholarship to one or more qualified high school seniors in Delaware County with tuition, book, etc. expenses for one or more years during their attendance at an accredited 2 or 4 year college.
  5. Qualifications: Candidates will be evaluated on academic performance, performance in the arts & athletics as well as in the area of community service. Emphasis is placed on leadership and a demonstration of clear excellence in all areas listed above…

“It is a great achievement for me to be able to give back to the community that raised and supported me for a large part of my life. I am blessed to be able to do this and I am very pleased that I have the ability to help our community by supporting our rising stars.”  –Dustin Humm, Founder & President

eKeeper has a long and proud tradition of supporting the local community through a variety of philanthropic programs. Our mission is to impact and enhance the lives of those around us in Our Community. We believe that giving for the greater good is a way to ensure the prosperity and continued success of all those around us. We believe that putting the needs of others first is mandatory and demonstrates the leadership, our responsibility, to effectuate change for the betterment of our community.

For more information about eKeeper Systems and our philanthropic programs, contact us.