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When your technology is down, it is no laughing matter.

Can you still serve your customers? Will your phones still work? Are you reliant on a third party network vendor for help? What’s the true cost of being down?

Beyond the loss in productivity, the hidden risk of an outage is diminished customer perception. When you are down, they are down—forever changing their perception of you. eKeeper Systems can help with a cost effective and highly secure solution! We can design a self-managed High Availability solution to keep you up and running during network disruptions.

eKeeper HA – outages aren’t funny!


How often should backups be tested?

This is a tricky question because it really depends on the dynamic nature of the system being backed up, but a general rule for many systems is once or twice per year. This helps to ensure that there are no surprises when you need to restore your system.

How do we get our backup data to you for testing?

The easiest method of delivery is using external/removable media such as a USB hard drive. A variety of tape-based media is supported as well but this method of delivery generally lengthens the testing process.

Can you help me figure out what is wrong with my backups if testing fails?

Yes – Our team of backup & recovery experts can help you isolate the cause of the problems and create recommendations to get your backups on track again.